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Conscious Living 4U

As a licensed professional counselor, my passion is to help you individually or as a couple embrace healing and hope for your life. We all desire to have a healthy and happy life, but get confused and frustrated when trials and tribulations come our way. It is in these times that we may need to talk to someone who has experienced training that can help us find our way back to where we want to be. Make an appointment today, contact us.The counseling professional needs to be someone you can trust, connect with and provide a safe place to share your sacred moments and thoughts. As a compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental therapist, I can achieve that goal for you. For every choice we make in life, there is a consequence. We can work together to find the difference between healthy vs. unhealthy choices, make a plan for your life, put your priorities back in place and discover new and exciting expectations for the future. We will explore strategies and skills for your continued success in these areas.

Our journey of life will always be a balance of struggles and joys. I will help you transform your struggles into opportunities of growth instead of obstacles that will keep you stuck. We will work toward holistic healing which will include emotional and psychological health, as well as matters of spiritual concern at your request. It is important to emphasize that the investment of your time and energy is mandatory to the counseling process in order for you to achieve success.

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Mission Statement:
I am a licensed professional counselor who is Christian and because of my faith, I value the importance of a client's faith or non-faith based tradition. We will embrace healing and hope by working with the emotional and psychological health first. Matters of spiritual concern can be integrated in the psychotherapy at the request of the client.